Kids Parties

We've all been terrified when the little ones birthday is coming up by the thought of our home being overrun with small humans, racing around and knocking into your treasures around the house. 

Take the terror out of such events, hiring the village hall ensures the little rugrats have enough room to run around and enjoy themselves while you can sit and supervise, without the added concern of your lounge carpet or pets coming off the worse for wear! 

Maybe it's not even a birthday, it’s just chucking it down with rain (as usual). The kids are bored silly and getting under your feet. You are running out of ideas to keep them occupied (no, they are too young to send to sea). Taking them out usually costs an arm and a leg - four ice creams can put you back a tenner.

So - why don’t you gang together and hire the Hall for an afternoon?

Bring your toasties to knock up the kid’s lunches, a few bottles of squash and a couple of packs of ice-cream (there is a freezer to keep it cold) and let the fun and games commence. 

Kids karaoke, french cricket, beetle drive, blind man’s buff, musical chairs, pass the parcel... and if it stops raining open the doors to the terrace and they can tear around outside for a bit. They would wander home tired and happy... a quiet night for you all!

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